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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Why Hire Got Dooky?™

We understand that pet owners find cleaning up after their pet a chore.  Picking up pet waste is a disgusting yet necessary task which needs to be done frequently to maintain a healthy environment.  Got Dooky?™ offers reliable weekly, bi-weekly or daily service to locate, remove pet waste and place disinfect from your dog's environment.  We believe you'll worry less and love your pet more when you hire us to pick up after your pet.


Got Dooky?™ knows that pet waste, if not removed routinely and frequently, can present a health hazard for not only your pet, but for you, as well. Common parasites such as roundworm can be transmitted through dog feces. When infected poop is left for prolonged periods on the ground, the parasite eggs may transfer to the soil and can linger there for years.  Anyone including other pets who come in contact with the soil will also come into contact with the parasite eggs.  Add to that flies and other insects as an additional nuisance and means of transferring disease.  We routinely clean up and disinfect any areas of concern to help remove the threats of disease and pestilence attributed to pet waste.


Got Dooky?™ is trained to detect symptoms of poor health in your pet.  After each visit, we'll leave a notice at your door that the service was completed and note if there are any signs of pet illness such as worms or blood in the stool.


Got Dooky?™ is sensitive to environmental issues. Pet owners who dispose of pet waste in sewers or open water risk contamination of the environment by introducing harmful bacteria to the water supply. A single pet may not contribute much to the fouling of the water supply, but good disposal of pet waste must be observed by everyone in order to make a difference for the safety of our water resources. Got Dooky?™ makes sure that all collected pet waste is properly disposed in a state-approved and environmentally secure manner.


Got Dooky?™ loves pets. We wouldn't be in this business if we didn't respect and love animals. We take special care with each owner and animal to introduce ourselves and understand your pet's special needs.

Our Team
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